Game rules:
  • - Do not use spam bot in towns.
  • - Do not advertise bots.
  • - No racist globals.
  • - Do not send exchange requests while PvPing. This will lead your account to get short-banned.
  • - Selling ingame items or accounts are forbidden and in a situation of getting caught, your account will DIRECTLY lead into ban.
Forum rules:
  • - Do not double or triple post, this also counts for threads.
  • - Do not post links to external websites with adult, offensive or racist content.
  • - Do not post download links unless they are official.
  • - Do not write in CAPS.
  • - Do not use aggressive language upon another community member or staff member.
  • - No links in signature are allowed unless approved by a staff member or if it are internal links.
  • - Do not post threads to sell your account or to buy an account, Creddy Online staff does not support it.
  • - Use English in all forums except for the language forums.
  • - Do not spam.
  • - Do not impersonate a staff member.
  • - If download links are posted include a virus scan aswell, Creddy Online staff is not responsible for the content users download from unofficial websites.

We ask our players to be aware for scammers, Creddy Online staff is not responsible when you get scammed.

A warning may be given at all times when violating above rules, when your first warning is given you will be banned from the forum for 1 week .(banned users can still see the content, they just can’t post)When you received 3 warnings your forum user account will be banned.

When rules are violated and bring direct damage to the community an instant ban can be given.

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